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September 3, 2012 / kat uppman

Another month, another start!

Welcome to September!

A new month means a fresh start. August got off to a great beginning with several workouts a day. Then mastitis hit. And it hit again. In fact, it hit three times in four weeks. For those who don’t know what mastitis is, it’s caused by a clogged milk duct while breastfeeding. You feel like death-fever, extreme fatigue, inability to even walk to the kitchen for water. Nasty stuff. Definitely derails any plans of working out.

I’m hoping I’ve put that behind me for the time being. Because exhaustion can lead to another bout of it, however, I’ve scaled back my training plan to just running each day. If I get my daily miles in, I get a dinosaur sticker (we call them ‘tiny dinos’ over here). If I have time to do a Crossfit WOD, I get another one, but it’s not required to get the first sticker.

Dino stickers go on the giant calendar on our fridge for visual motivation. I’ve also made a running log similar to one I saw at Barnes and Noble. See below for the PDF.

Based on today’s run, I have a lot of work to do this month. I averaged a 12:51 mile.  I’d like to get down to a 9 or 10 minute mile for the Big Sur Half in November.  My energy level, however, has plummeted. I need to make sure I’m drinking enough water, eating enough protein and somehow getting enough sleep. Tall orders, but I think September has ‘you can do it’ written all over it! 😉

Training Log: PDF version of my training log-feel free to print and use!

Today’s miles: 3

Pace: 12:51

Total weekly miles: 3

Total miles since getting back on the bandwagon: 11

Crosstraining: N/A

Tiny dino? YES!

September 2, 2012 / kat uppman

What is love?

I came across this quote today: I love running-just not while I’m doing it.

I think that sums it up in a nutshell. 

I love creating a training schedule, reading books about it, finding great races, visualing myself running the course, seeing the medals on my wall, talking with other runners-but the act of running? Meh. It hurts.And so every day I actually go out, it’s a force of will to get my butt out of bed and out for the run.

Starting Tuesday, we’re practicing our back-to-work schedule. I have three more weeks of maternity leave left, but the last week will be spent in Michigan. That gives us two weeks to get on a scary up-at-5am/in-bed-by-10pm agenda, which includes an early morning run and Crossfit workout.  Here’s hoping my force of will can see me through this challenge!

New Life After Baby Schedule:

5am- feeding
5:20-get ready for run/workout
7:30-grab coffee and baby, head to daycare
7:45-drop baby off at daycare
8:30-start work
5pm-leave work to grab baby
5:45-pick up baby from daycare
6-get home, start dinner
9-bath, pjs, book time, put baby to bed
10-collapse in to bed


Today’s miles: 3

Pace: N/A

Total weekly miles: 8

Total miles since getting back on the bandwagon: 8

Crosstraining: N/A

August 29, 2012 / kat uppman

I’m gonna start all over….

My OCD self demands that I listen to the same playlist every time I run with music. And the first song on the playlist starts out:

I have to wonder if this wave’s too big to ride
Commit or not commit in such a crazy tide
It’s sooner than I thought but you called me out
I’ve lost control and there’s no doubt
I’m gonna start all over

Out of the fire and into the fire again
You make me want to forget
And start all over
Here it comes straight out of my mind or worse
Another chance to get burned
And start all over
I’m gonna start all over

While Miley Cyrus is singing about love, I always relate it to running-the same route each day, the same motions, many of the same races each year, yet always something drawing me back again.

I started this blog last July and used it to kick some butt in my summer races-both running and triathlons. Then I got pregnant and the thought of running made me woozy. I made it through my planned races-a 5k, three halves and a full-but all but one were a mix of running and walking.  Throughout the 9 months, I put on 50 pounds and lost much of my endurance.

Fast forward to today-Henry is 5 days away from his 2 month birthday, I’m down 40 pounds and I was able to run 3 miles this week without stopping. It’s time to get serious about training again, and I’ve got a few powerful motivators.

The first is these last 10 pounds. And when I say last, I mean to get to my pre-pregnancy weight which wasn’t that great to begin with. So 10 pounds until a major celebration, and then hopefully another 10 pounds after that to get to my ideal weight. Let the weight loss begin! (or continue, as it may be….).

The second is that I have a new running partner. My brother was pretty smart about picking his wife, and as of this past April I get to call her my sister in law. She’s funny, sassy, intelligent and wants to get in to running longer races. Lucky me! We’ve got our eye on the February Princess Half down in Orlando. While we’re re-grouping at the end of September to make sure we really want to commit to this, I have faith it will happen. You can check out her running blog here.  That race, along with several others such as the Big Sur half, several Mermaid races, the Divas half and the Tinkerbell half in January make up my current race roster.  My times while pregnant are nothing to brag about and I’m looking forward to racing these events with my eye on some pretty nice PRs.

While motherhood has been amazing, it has also brought with it some interesting health issues. I have reoccurring mastitis, which knocks me flat and has me barely walking to the kitchen for water, let alone getting my mileage in. I’m really hoping I can overcome this, as I had planned to breast feed for a year. It’s going to be a loooong year if I have to spend half of it fighting fatigue and pain.

And so I end this entry with the following picture. This is exactly how I’ve felt for the past 5 weeks since I was cleared to start running again. Starting over sucks. But I have so much to look forward to, to train for, to keep running for!

Today’s miles: 0

Pace: N/A

Total weekly miles: 5

Total miles since getting back on the bandwagon: 5

Crosstraining: N/A

December 30, 2011 / kat uppman


Aaaaaaand…. we’re in the final countdown before the Goofy Challenge weekend.  Where did the time go?  Why have I not been posting?  Why have I not been training??

Back in October, Erik and I found out we were (and still are) pregnant.  Ah, how that put a new perspective on life.  Not a I’m-going-to-be-a-mother perspective.  More of a ‘I’m SO TIRED’ perspective.  And a ‘What can I eat that won’t make me puke?’ perspective.  No where in this new life could I fit in running.  Between a 12 hour workday and sleep, I could only think about running, and how I wasn’t doing it.

But now?  We’re 14 weeks, 2 days.  The worst is behind me (I hope).  I have my energy back-it’s amazing to be perky again!-and I can once again eat real food.  I’m hoping as the days get lighter, my runs will find themselves again.  Gotta get fit and strong again for this little one!

Meanwhile, I’m gearing up to run/walk the half and full.  I’ve researched the heck out of the races and the expo.  I’ve planned my costumes (they should be complete this weekend).  I’ve got the packing list ready to go.  Most of all, I can’t wait to run in one of my favorite places on Earth, with  my favorite person on Earth.  Erik will be with me for the half, but then he’ll run the full competitively.

I’ll post pictures of the costumes as soon as they are done!

All our dreams can come true – if we have the courage to pursue them. -Walt Disney
September 2, 2011 / kat uppman


Yesterday was my first day of official Marathon training. I’ve actually been training and building my miles since March, but now I’m on the 18 week schedule prepared by Hal Higdon. I’m doing the Advanced II calendar, if anyone wants to join me.

While running, I do a lot of visualization. Picturing what the parks and backroads will look like, wondering what characters we’ll see, thinking about how to pace myself. And of course, figuring out my race costumes.

The problem is, I’ve become very interested in the new movement to protect our young girls from the onslaught of pink, princesses and constant body image messages. I completely agree it’s getting out of control. Yet, the costumes I’ve picked out to wear for the races are…. princess outfits. Sold on a sexy costume site, no less, because I need them to be short and breathable. UGH! How can I feel like I need to protect our girls from a culture I myself play in to? One of the reasons I picked the Disney races was for the fantasy, whimsy and escape they offer. Is this ok because for the rest of the year I’m grounded in work and family? Will the little girls watching me run by understand that I can separate my Snow White costume self from my runner/entrepreneur/start-up/science teacher/book lover/Girl Power self?

I suppose this bleeds in to the larger struggle I find myself having, the more of these books, blogs and articles I read. How much of the princess culture is because we naturally love it, and how much was driven in to us at a young age? Is it really me choosing to dress as a princess, or have marketers so deeply penetrated my brain that I automatically default to that image when I want to feel good about myself? Do I want to know the answer? Could I bear the thought that consumerism has tainted my own, pure, personal running time? Or has it already, through the clothes, music, shoes, food and race themes I’m already tangled in?

I’d love to hear your thoughts. For now, I figure I’ll enjoy my costumes and know that they are just that-an escape for a few miles through the Happiest Place on Earth. Meanwhile, I’ll be trying to figuring out why I need that escape…..

Running costume or playing in to sexualization of women? Can you own your own sexuality while running?

Today’s miles: 3

Pace: 11:00

Total weekly miles: 3

Total miles since getting back on the bandwagon: 63

August 30, 2011 / kat uppman


Now that I bike to the ferry each morning, I pass a good number of walkers, runners and bikers on the path. This morning, there was a woman out walking. It appeared she was working towards a health or weight loss goal, and I felt the urge to cheer her on. But what to say that wouldn’t sound contrite, cliche or random?

It was at this moment that I wished we had a word or phrase that women could say to other women when passing on a path to show solidarity. Girl Power is my rallying cry, but I think I’m alone on that front. What would you suggest we call out to each other in that split second of passing?

August 22, 2011 / kat uppman

Report-Escape from Alcatrez

Great race!  Our company signed three teams up for the corporate challenge relay category of the race.  I took the running leg for one of the teams, meaning I had to do 7 miles.  This shouldn’t have been a big deal at all, as I ran 8 miles last week.  Buuuut…. I was told there were two large hills, a sand ladder and I couldn’t use my music.  I couldn’t use my music!!  That was awful news.

My goal was 1:20 for the leg.  That would give me room to have around an 11 minute mile pace, which I was optimistic I could hold.  Buuuuut….. the hills were much tougher than I thought they would be.  I did run the entire course, however, with the exception of the sand ladder.  Even the pros advise to walk it, so I did.  Everything was run at the fastest pace possible, giving me a pretty good time of 1:21:47. The best part was the amount of energy I had when I kicked it in at the straightaway.  I also saw some flying dirt around mile 5, and stopped briefly to see what it was.  Lo and behold-it was a cute little bunny/mole poking his head out of his hole to cheer me on!  I still don’t know what kind of wild animal it was, but it didn’t have squinty eyes like a mole or long ears like a bunny.  But it was very cute.

As I showered after the race, I kept trying to figure out where I could have shaved that 1:47, but I’m going to enjoy the time for now.  I’m also going to enjoy the amazing Black Cherry Clif Gel Blocks I sampled at the expo.  I have a feeling I’m going to have to fight the urge to buy packs and snack on them outside of a training run!  Man… I want one right now.

And now I have my first medal.

Today’s miles: 7

Pace: 11:41

Total weekly miles: 7

Total miles since getting back on the bandwagon: 60