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September 3, 2012 / kat uppman

Another month, another start!

Welcome to September!

A new month means a fresh start. August got off to a great beginning with several workouts a day. Then mastitis hit. And it hit again. In fact, it hit three times in four weeks. For those who don’t know what mastitis is, it’s caused by a clogged milk duct while breastfeeding. You feel like death-fever, extreme fatigue, inability to even walk to the kitchen for water. Nasty stuff. Definitely derails any plans of working out.

I’m hoping I’ve put that behind me for the time being. Because exhaustion can lead to another bout of it, however, I’ve scaled back my training plan to just running each day. If I get my daily miles in, I get a dinosaur sticker (we call them ‘tiny dinos’ over here). If I have time to do a Crossfit WOD, I get another one, but it’s not required to get the first sticker.

Dino stickers go on the giant calendar on our fridge for visual motivation. I’ve also made a running log similar to one I saw at Barnes and Noble. See below for the PDF.

Based on today’s run, I have a lot of work to do this month. I averaged a 12:51 mile.  I’d like to get down to a 9 or 10 minute mile for the Big Sur Half in November.  My energy level, however, has plummeted. I need to make sure I’m drinking enough water, eating enough protein and somehow getting enough sleep. Tall orders, but I think September has ‘you can do it’ written all over it! 😉

Training Log: PDF version of my training log-feel free to print and use!

Today’s miles: 3

Pace: 12:51

Total weekly miles: 3

Total miles since getting back on the bandwagon: 11

Crosstraining: N/A

Tiny dino? YES!


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