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September 2, 2012 / kat uppman

What is love?

I came across this quote today: I love running-just not while I’m doing it.

I think that sums it up in a nutshell. 

I love creating a training schedule, reading books about it, finding great races, visualing myself running the course, seeing the medals on my wall, talking with other runners-but the act of running? Meh. It hurts.And so every day I actually go out, it’s a force of will to get my butt out of bed and out for the run.

Starting Tuesday, we’re practicing our back-to-work schedule. I have three more weeks of maternity leave left, but the last week will be spent in Michigan. That gives us two weeks to get on a scary up-at-5am/in-bed-by-10pm agenda, which includes an early morning run and Crossfit workout.  Here’s hoping my force of will can see me through this challenge!

New Life After Baby Schedule:

5am- feeding
5:20-get ready for run/workout
7:30-grab coffee and baby, head to daycare
7:45-drop baby off at daycare
8:30-start work
5pm-leave work to grab baby
5:45-pick up baby from daycare
6-get home, start dinner
9-bath, pjs, book time, put baby to bed
10-collapse in to bed


Today’s miles: 3

Pace: N/A

Total weekly miles: 8

Total miles since getting back on the bandwagon: 8

Crosstraining: N/A

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