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August 22, 2011 / kat uppman

Report-Escape from Alcatrez

Great race!  Our company signed three teams up for the corporate challenge relay category of the race.  I took the running leg for one of the teams, meaning I had to do 7 miles.  This shouldn’t have been a big deal at all, as I ran 8 miles last week.  Buuuut…. I was told there were two large hills, a sand ladder and I couldn’t use my music.  I couldn’t use my music!!  That was awful news.

My goal was 1:20 for the leg.  That would give me room to have around an 11 minute mile pace, which I was optimistic I could hold.  Buuuuut….. the hills were much tougher than I thought they would be.  I did run the entire course, however, with the exception of the sand ladder.  Even the pros advise to walk it, so I did.  Everything was run at the fastest pace possible, giving me a pretty good time of 1:21:47. The best part was the amount of energy I had when I kicked it in at the straightaway.  I also saw some flying dirt around mile 5, and stopped briefly to see what it was.  Lo and behold-it was a cute little bunny/mole poking his head out of his hole to cheer me on!  I still don’t know what kind of wild animal it was, but it didn’t have squinty eyes like a mole or long ears like a bunny.  But it was very cute.

As I showered after the race, I kept trying to figure out where I could have shaved that 1:47, but I’m going to enjoy the time for now.  I’m also going to enjoy the amazing Black Cherry Clif Gel Blocks I sampled at the expo.  I have a feeling I’m going to have to fight the urge to buy packs and snack on them outside of a training run!  Man… I want one right now.

And now I have my first medal.

Today’s miles: 7

Pace: 11:41

Total weekly miles: 7

Total miles since getting back on the bandwagon: 60

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