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About Kat

While this face may look like the perfect visage of a goddess, I’m no stranger to clumsiness. Arrrrrr you ready for this? I’m a sucker for all things pirate! It was difficult to find pirates in Ann Arbor, so I settled for reading about them instead. Now that I’ve moved to San Francisco, I get my pirate fix at 826 Valencia or cruising down Sir Francis Drake Blvd. I’ve just started my official pirate t-shirt collection, so feel free to contribute. The eighties rock my world, even if everyone else had enough of them before the decade even ended. I love the music, fashion (big hair, anyone?) and especially the cartoons (Kat! Truly outrageous, truly, truly, truly outrageous!). I can often be found singing along with music as varied as Robbie Williams, Donkey Punch and Matchbox Twenty. I’m addicted to stilettos, caramel apples and my video camera. I love to spend the evening with the lights in the house off and all the candles lit. I was a bit obsessed with collecting children’s books for my classroom, maxing out at over 2,500. Now that I’m not teaching anymore, I’ve transferred my hoarding tendencies to Sprout, a business I started to help recycle used classroom materials. We’re up to almost 12,000 individuals items listed online for teachers to purchase, with thousands more coming. I love working out, usually running and puking it up at Crossfit. My humble family consists of myself, my husband Erik and my bunny, Bunny

Interests: Crossfit, pirates, meat, fresh flowers on my desk, moose, reading just about anything, sewing costumes, finding new uses for old things, the Disney company, impulse Etsy purchases, Halloween, Twizzlers and cherry Freezes at the movie theatre, other people’s babies and dogs, baby corn, singing along loudly to the light rock stations while driving, Kenny G

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