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August 30, 2011 / kat uppman


Now that I bike to the ferry each morning, I pass a good number of walkers, runners and bikers on the path. This morning, there was a woman out walking. It appeared she was working towards a health or weight loss goal, and I felt the urge to cheer her on. But what to say that wouldn’t sound contrite, cliche or random?

It was at this moment that I wished we had a word or phrase that women could say to other women when passing on a path to show solidarity. Girl Power is my rallying cry, but I think I’m alone on that front. What would you suggest we call out to each other in that split second of passing?


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  1. Abe Rudo / Aug 30 2011 5:44 pm

    I’d be extremely careful cheering on people you see who are out working out. To someone who is already insecure about their weight, any comment on their weight-loss activities from a stranger (much less a stranger in good shape) would almost assuredly be interpreted as a dig or an insult.

    Something to consider before you ride along shouting out support for random hefty people who appear to be exercising.

    • kat uppman / Aug 30 2011 6:27 pm

      Aaaa-be! I meant ANY lady who is working out! Not just people who are trying to loose weight. That was just an example of a fellow lady out today. When I’m in my neighborhood, I often meet women who are older than 70 out walking and jogging. When I’m on the paths by the river, I meet a lot of mothers. But we’re all fellow women athletes, and there should be some sort of quick cheer we can do for each other to encourage and acknowledge our effort. I think, at least.

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