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July 24, 2011 / kat uppman


Even though Sundays are technically a rest day in the training schedule, Erik and I spent a good 4 hours working on our training plans this evening.  We started by printing out blank calendars and then putting in our upcoming races-for me, those were the Pacific Grove Sprint Tri on Sept. 11 and the Mermaid Sprint Tri on Sept. 25.  We debated adding a Halloween Mud Run to the schedule, but Erik was concerned about some of the race details.  While we’re still on the hunt for some other good fall races (maybe the Big Sur Half Marathon in Nov?), we decided to focus on these.

We then filled in our Crossfit workouts.  Since we are on a strict 3 classes per week membership program and the only days our gym has classes that work for us are M, Th and Sat, we have to work around that.  Once that was filled in, Erik began assigning mileage to each day and adding in swimming, biking and track workouts.  We have 5 weeks until PG and I have 7 weeks until the Mermaid race, but I have no doubt we’ll be ready if we stick to this (crazy) schedule.  The only disappointment is that it’s so heavy with swimming, biking and running that I can’t see finding time for the Insanity workout. But on the other hand, I found these GREAT tiny dinosaur stickers to give myself each day I complete my scheduled training-ROAR!

The last point to consider in all of this is that I do have my eye on the duel half/full Disney marathon weekend in January 2012.  Erik said tonight I have to run a 13 mile course one day and then do 5 miles the next day before I can sign us up.  The race is currently at 80% capacity, so I think I’ll have to have us signed up by mid to late October.  Sooooo…. somewhere in this schedule, I have to get my mileage up enough to do the 13/5 run for him so I can get us in that race.

How do you create your training plans?  And how do you choose your races that you work towards?  I feel I’m so picky about the ones I do-they have to have a really interesting name or theme or location, and most races are just random fun runs or fundraising runs.

Tiny dinosaurs!!!!

Today’s miles: Rest day

Pace: N/A

Total weekly miles: 12.06

Total miles since getting back on the bandwagon: 12.06

Crosstraining: N/A



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